Our Pineapple & Jalapeno Jam is one of our best sellers. We originally made it for our gammon and turkey for Christmas lunch, but it is so popular we make it all year round. All our sauces sell for R60 a bottle.


Our Apple & Onion Chilli Chutney was featured in the book Market Food written by Dianne Stewart, Jessica Cairns and Lissa Stewart. Use this book to find top local markets in SA – choose your favourite recipes from the artisanal recipes featured in the book and cook your own market food at home.


We make Fiery Fresh Chilli sauces with Olive Oil, spices and red,green and habanero chillies. Our sweet chilli ranges from Plum & Wasabi sweet chilli to our Apple & Onion Chilli Sauce. If you like it HOT, our 10/10 heat factor Habanero Sesame is the sauce for you.Our Wasabi & Horseradish sauce goes well with Eisbein, fish and beef and the Pepperdew & Jalapeno mayo is the perfect addition to your potato salad or tuna sandwich.

We were featured in the Food & Home magazine a few years ago, a very surreal moment for us. Unfortunately we don’t have a copy of this article anymore but our “Apple & Onion Chilli Chutney” and  “Habanero Sesame Sauce” has stood the test of time. The Habanero & Sesame Sauce is one of our best sellers and clients who like HOT 10/10 chilli just love this sauce!

We display our sauces at markets and shows. Our range of pesto’s have no chilli and is great for family meals. Please feel free to come and sample our sauces the next time you see us, we have something for everyone….from mild to hot and something in between!